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Our South American crystal lamps add a touch of elegance and good energy to any space. These beautiful slices of nature are available for shipping and local delivery upon request. For questions and inquiries, contact Joanna at (307) 250-0227. 


Aragonite Nacar Prism Lamp


This gorgeous piece is 5 feet of pure beauty. Its high-contrast features and sleek design make for a stunning statement in any living space. 

Dimensions: H: 60"  W: 12"  D: 12"

twin lamps_edited.png

Twin Fluorite Slice Lamps

$6,000 each

These green and purple fluorite slices are absolutely stunning and vibrant. They feature internal light sources that allow the crystals to glow from within.

Dimensions: H: 26"  W: 11.5"  D: 7"

white onyx lamp2.jpg

Aragonite Nacar Prism Lamp


This white aragonite lamp is a beautiful slice of nature, assembled with amazing craftsmanship. Each face of this lamp was cut from the same stone, creating an elegant mirrored look.

Dimensions: H: 39.5"  W: 12"  D: 12"  (Stone)

H: 7"  W: 18"  D: 18" (Wooden Base)

serpetine lamp.jpg

Serpentine Prism Lamp


With a gorgeous variety of colors and an impressive hieght, this serpentine floor lamp is absolutely breathtaking. Each face of this lamp came from the same stone, allowing for an elegant, mirrored look.

Dimensions: H: 47"  W: 8"  D: 8"


Zebra Aragonite Cylinder Lamp


This piece features the unique, layered pattern that high-quality Zebra Aragonite is known for. This seamless piece was crafted by one stone and is stunning from all angles.

Dimensions: H: 14"  W: 7.5"  

grid lamp.jpg

Fluorite Prism Lamp


The unique checkered design of this lamp is elegant and beautifully crafted. The lamp has a consistent blue color with subtle shifts in value that allow the seamless design to shine through.

Dimensions: H: 24"  W: 6"  D: 6"

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