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About this service

Permanent jewelry is a bonding activity, a wonderful gift, and a great experience during parties and events. Zsa-Zsa's is so excited to bring this cutting-edge service to Bozeman! We can provide you with stunning and dainty rings, bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. With a simple "zap" you'll be ready to go with a new piece that is durable, sentimental, and absolutely gorgeous.

Appointment Summary

Try on & select chain options- our chains are high quality 

Custom chain sizing- ensure the bracelet is comfy and well-fitted

Weld links together

Quality check

Aftercare rundown

Pay & tag us in your pics!

Jewelry that Lasts

We can fix and resize* jewelry for free within the first two weeks. After that, re-linking bracelets costs a flat-rat of $20. No post-purchase regrets with our service!


*jewelry can be made smaller after purchase, but not larger.

What to Expect

While the term "weld" may be a little bit intimidating, you won't feel a thing! Fitting the bracelet is the longest part of this process. After that, it's just a quick zap and a little swipe of final polishing, and voila! A Guardian must be present for participants under the age of 16. 

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